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Related article: Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 22:10:49 +0800 From: Subject: African KidnappingAs a white guy who loves black men, this is my fantasy. I hope enjoy it. Please email me on Jacko. African Kidnapping.I was a twenty three year old Australia guy, bumming it around South and West Africa on an extended holiday. I had little money, however could usually find a good time wherever I went.The two mates I was travelling with had been together for a couple of months when I joined them about six weeks ago and we all got on well together. Michael was from southern England and was a good looking guy with the usual smooth pale skin, sandy hair and good body, as he played a lot of soccer at home. Mike, who was about 24, was well educated, but lacked the so called street skills of survival that our other friend Jose had, Jose was from somewhere in New York and had been brought up to know how to survive on the streets. He was a good-looking Porto Rican guy, 21 years, who had dropped out of college after a year and a half and had started to travel. As I said, we had been together for about six weeks travelling up the west coast of Africa, and had originally met up in Cape Town. We had enjoyed the scenery, the people and a bit of good diving on the west coast of South Africa and Namibia.My real story starts as we were heading northwest from the Ivory Coast, through Guinea and into Sierra Leone. Our plan was to get to Freetown for a few days and then travel north up the west coast of north West Africa.We each had Honda bikes, which we had bought in Cape Town. It was cheap travel and you could see a lot of country as you drove. Some roads were good, however most were very bad and we had to be very careful as we travelled, as that part of Africa was not the safest place in the world to be. We usually camped in the scrub and washed in whatever rivers or streams were available. I used to get quite turned on watching Mike and Jose skinny dip. One was so white and other, Jose, was quite dark and so well hung. I would love to have seen his cock hard. It would have had to have been at least two to three inches longer than mine and I'm 7.5" thick and cut. Mike, I guessed, was about the same as myself, however was not cut, the same as Jose. Both guys were smooth skinned not like me as I had a hairy chest. We were all very fit and our bodies well toned. We played real man type games while swimming, with the occasional grope, but all acting very straight. It was pity, as I would have loved to be fucked by either of them, and even slip a length into either tight butts, but I guessed that was not to be. I would have to satisfied with jacking off when I could sneak off into the bush to shit.We were about one Preteen Tits hundred kilometres from Freetown, just passed a place called Yonibana and heading into some very hilly and heavily timbered country, when we where stopped by a group of young black men in their early twenties. They were all dressed in those camouflaged type trousers with boots and no shirts. All were big guys and looked really fit, as their chests were well defined and muscled As we did not want any trouble we did everything they asked. A couple of them could speak English and they informed us that their leader wanted to meet us. It was all very friendly, so we were not all that alarmed at that time. It wasn't until they got our bikes onto the back of the truck that things started to get rough.A very tall and solid black guy ordered us into the back of the truck with our bikes. Jose, in his usual smart ass way asked why. With this the big guy ordered his followers to throw us into the truck, binding our hands together in front of us and then tying the rope to pipe frame above our heads, so that our arms where stretched upwards as we stood in the back of the truck. The rest of the ten or twelve black guys all climbed aboard and sat around the edge of the truck as we headed off into the dense bush. A couple of the black guys started touching up Mike. They were saying something about a pretty white boy, but I couldn't quite understand. I did notice that Mike was getting a bit excited as he had quite a lump in his trousers. Even though most off these guys were young and quite good looking with no shirts and well muscled bodies, I was far too scared to get in the slightest bit excited sexually.We had been travelling for about twenty minutes when the truck stopped. Four of the black guys got out to piss. The three guys that had been touching up Mike again got interested and with the encouragement from some of the others, undid his zipper and pulled down his jeans and his underwear, exposing his growing cock. He face was bright red with embracement, and although he was as scared as we were, his cock just kept getting harder. One of the well built black guys stood up, pulled out his big soft black cock and started to jack it off, teasing Mike as he did so. One of the other guys walked up to Jose and myself and grabbed us both in the crutch and said something that I did not understand. The rest of the group thought it was very funny as they all fell around laughing. One of the three Preteen Tits started to jack Mike off. The guys that were pissing got back in the truck and we again headed north, but the guy jacking Mike continue with the wild encouragement of the rest of the group. I could see that a few of the black guys were also getting excited as their cocks started tenting their trousers. The guy who had pulled out his cock in fun was now nearly fully hard. A couple of them pointed to me and one guy lent forward end undid my belt and the zipper on my jeans, pulling them down to expose my thickening cock. The guy next to him then did the same to Jose. As his monster was revealed there were big hoots and whistles and a couple of the guys grabbed his cock and gave it a couple of tugs. The black guys all started pointing to the big guy at the front of the truck, pulling out Jose's cock. I think they were trying to get this guy to compare size. He shook his head, but they kept on at him until he stood up, walked up to Jose, unbuttoned his trousers and pulled out a real monster cock. I don't know if it was bigger or not than Jose's, but it was real black, thick and heavy with big veins. He grabbed his and Jose's cocks docking then together with both foreskins together and started to jack them. The rest of the guys went mad. Someone stuck his finger up my arse as the big black looked at me and said in rough English and a toothy grin "You like?" He must have known I liked as my cock was getting very hard. He reached down with his other hand and started to jack my cock. Jose looked at me with a slight grim of his face. He was loving this.The action was just starting to get very hot when we pulled into an opening in the timber and a few huts. Another ten or so guys came out to meet the truck. As they did, the guys in the truck put their cocks away and did up their trousers. We unfortunately had to stand there with our hands tied above our heads and our jean around our ankles and our cocks still quite hard. They all stood around pointing and laughing for about a minute, when a very tall and extremely well built and handsome guy came out of the big hut at the end of the clearing. The talking and laughing subsided as he approached and he said something to the truck driver, who answered him. The big guy then said something to the whole group and they all pointed to Mike. The big guy laughed and gave an order. With that four guys jumped up onto the back of the truck and undid Mike and dragged him off the back and into one of the huts followed by most of the men. It wasn't hard to work out what was going to happen to Mike. The big guy then barked another order and a stack more guys jump up on the truck and undid both mine and Jose's ropes from the canopy frame and lead us off the back of the truck and into the big hut at the end of the clearing.The big black leader then joined us and I asked in a very shaky voice what he was going to do with us. He informed both Jose and myself, in very good English, that we were going to stay with him and his friends for some time and that we, Jose and I were to be his official masturbators. Someone translated this and the whole room of black guys burst into laughter.He then barked another order, and we were striped of all our clothing and shoes. He then told us that to venture out of the hut with no shoes would be a great mistake, as the thorns around the camp would not only cripple us but would also poison our bodies. With this the ropes around our wrist undone and we stood there beaten and very scared.He barked another order and all but four of the biggest black guys left the hut. Both Jose and I were taken by two guys each and lead off to the corner where we were each doused with water and washed by the guards. We were then lead back into the centre of the hut where we found the boss guy stretched out on a bed with his boots and trousers off and his big cock sticking out of his bright red boxers. He said "One of you guys are going to suck my cock and the other is going to suck my balls. Please yourselves." We stood dumb founded, when he pointed to me. "You suck this!" I was then pushed to my knees by the two guards.He had a magnificent cock and I was very much looking forward to sucking all the cum out of it. I peeled the thick, long foreskin back down to reveal a big plump pink cock head. I bent and licked the big drop of pre cum off the cock slit and milked another large drop from his thick cock. Jose was pushed down to the big hairless balls that hung under this magnificent piece of meat. He eagerly sucked on one of those great eggs as I devoured as much as I could his great cock. Jose smiled at me and whispered that I should have told him that I liked this sort of action as he had been wanting my cock since we first met.I heard some movement behind us as the four guards started to undress. I knew what was to come. As I slipped off the end of the big cock I whispered to Jose "Have you been fucked before?" He just smiled at me. There were four or five guys pushing into the building as the four big guards got undressed. I could see that they were Preteen Tits all very well endowed with big semi hard cocks swaying between their legs and large scrotums full of heavy balls thick with cum. Only one was cut, all the rest had large foreskins covering their hard dicks. They started to jack them as they watched Jose and I suck off the boss man. He had hold of my head and was pumping his big dick deep into my throat. One of the guards got a bucket of cooking oil from the stove and started covering my cock and balls and my arse with this lube. His mate did the same to Jose. He then lubed up his friend's cock as he knelt down to position his cock head at the entrance of my arse. His friend first stuck two fingers from one hand, then two from the other into me and stretched my arse wide so I could accommodate this big black man's big black cock. He moved forward placing his cock head between the fingers of his friend and slowly pushed forward. The other two guys were doing the same to Jose. He let out a moan of delight, as did I when my guy started to enter me. He was so thick and long. I had never had a dick that big before. He kept pushing into me as his friend pulled my arse cheeks apart. I eventually felt his tight pubes at my arse cheeks and knew he was fully inside me. His friend grabbed my cock and balls and stretched them down to stop me from cumming too early as his mate started to fuck my arse as it had never been fucked before. His mate slowly worked on my greased cock and balls, holding my balls tight so I would not cum. The other guys were doing the same to Jose who was in seventh heaven. I looked up at the Boss man who had a big smile on his face. "I think you boys are going to like your stay here" he said. Jose's cock was very hard now and I could see one of the guys slowly jacking it. As I had guessed it was immense.One of the on-lookers at the door pushed forward and held an amyl bottle under my nose. It was the strongest Preteen Tits stuff I'd ever inhaled and sent my head into a spin. The ring of my arse and my cock head felt so good and the pre cum tasted so sweet. Just then the boss man unloaded the biggest load into my mouth. It was so good. Preteen Tits Thick, sweet and so creamy. My fucker was pumping my arse so hard and his mate jacking me so well I was so close. I felt the cock in my arse push to the hilt and flex as it pulsated it's hot load deep into me as I erupted into the hands of the guy jacking me. He immediately dived under me and sucked the remaining juice out of me. Jose had been watching me cum and came bolt upright as he unloaded long white strips of ropey cum all over the boss man stomach. His arse fucker was also depositing his load deep in Jose's bowels. The guy that was jacking Jose then lent forward and quickly licked up all the cum, apart from that scooped up by the boss himself and sucked from his finger.What hot man sex. I had to have more.The boss guy got up and pulled up his trousers, as he did he motion for the five or six guys a t he door to come in and he said something to them which mad them all very happy and then he left.The five or six guys were quickly getting undressed and by that stage I had worked out what the
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